Global Satisfaction


ChienFu Enterprise was founded in 1979 with 30 years of experience and almost 100 units of machines and equipment dedicated to the production of high precision parts.

We offer customers high efficiency, high quality and high overall satisfaction with continuous innovation and invention. In addition, we also integrate our experience in manufacturing auto parts, 3C products (LCD, PDA, PMP, GPS), accessories and others.

Chienfu not only seeks, advanced technology and RD capability, it develops INNOVATIVE products, holding a large number of patents.

Certified in ISO9000 of the international quality management system and QC080000 RoHS certificate of the ECCB in 2007 for our quality assurance.



With more than 20 years of experience in the metalworking industry, PREMIER TORX was created exclusively to meet the need to distribute SLOKY products in South America.

Its distribution center strategically located in the south of Brazil, for supplies of the products for all the national territory and neighboring countries, like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, among others.


Develop with excellence and social responsibility a judicious and qualified mechanism, able to satisfy the needs of the market with services and products of high technology oriented to the industry in general, respecting the environment and the individuals as a whole.

To be a recognized company in the segment of tools for its excellence in the provision of services, high quality standard in the marketed products and punctuality in the terms needed.

The PREMIER TORX has the responsibility to respect our neighbor, the environment and love God by developing in an appropriate and transparent way their business, being proud of its activities and the teachings that were passed to it.