What Sloky is good for?

User friendly for CNC cutting tool of machining, milling and turning parts.

Why choose Sloky?

MIT: made in Taiwan
New invention: Torque adapter!!
Minimize size of your tool
Patent in multi countries: create torque by controlling the friction in a very limited space 15mm.
nything to attach with our product would generate extra value, “torque control”
CTS, spin handle, larger loosening torque Unique color Identity

What the difference for three handles?

For small torque, we would recommand straight handle; especially 0.6~0.9Nm.
For >1.2 and <3Nm, we would recommand universal handle.
For >3Nm, T-Flying would be the best!!

Is the product patented?

Yes, we have patents in Germany, USA, Japan, Taiwan and China. Also we not only have new tech patent, we also have new invention patent which will last 20 yrs.

What kind of application have been applied?

Cutting Tools, Shooting/Hunting, Circuit board, Tire pressure detector, Bicycle, DIY Market, Drum, Lens, 3C devices and Golf Club.

Can we customize?

Yes, we may customize from 0.1~18Nm with small MOQ required!!

What is the purpose of the small stick on Universal Handle?

This is our friendly design to have spin handle for quick spinning on our flag handle because during fastening, 80% of the process is spinning!!

You may also check our video as below:

What if we don't hear "click" sounds and continue fastening? Is it ok?

Some torque screwdrivers are providing torque control by ratchets and springs; therefore, when torque reached, it will drop back to 0.
If you do not hear and continue fastening, you may increase the torque again and overdo it!! However, for Sloky, once we reach the require torque, it will stay there with constant torque supporting. So even you did not hear the click sounds and keep spinning, that is ok!!
No matter how much you spin it, it will be constant torque!!

Can we loosen with the same torque screwdriver?

We have at least 30% higher loosening torque than fastening; which means as long as you use our torque screwdriver to fasten, you may loosen by the same one. No need to change.That is why we have the video to show why it is ok to use sloky both loosening and fasten.

Why and how Sloky torque screwdriver is different than the others?

Most Torque Screwdriver and Torque Wrench are controled by Rachets and Springs; however, we have studied torque control since 2002 so we have integrated all our technology and create Sloky torque screwdriver.
Our torque control comes from the friction between inner shaft and outer sleeve/sockets which is our patent in Germany, USA, Japan, Taiwan and China. This is also why we may make our product very small.

How and when to calibrate the torque adapter?

There is no need to calibrate the torque adapter. The tool life cycle is 5,000 times (90 degre rotation as 1 time) of operations. Once reaching the limit, please replace the torque adapter.

Are the torque setting adjustable?

No. The torque is preset and is not adjustable. The torque of each size is set to the industrial standard used by all the carbide manufacturers worldwide.