Welcome to Sloky, the only and smallest "torque adapter" with multi-national pentents

Sloky Torque Screwdriver - Change how we fasten the turning tools! Standardize for fastening!

The one and only torque screwdriver designed for CNC machining, turning, lathing and milling application. Sloky torque screwdriver, a predictable, replaceable and organized tool.

It is considering to be used in industrial field having a greatest advantage of "no-over tighten". It prevents the damages of the screw and tool, in addition it provides a replaceable function to fit with driver bits having different shape and dimensions.

Easily customize from 0.1~6Nm with small MOQ required for Shooting/Hunting, Circuit board, Tire pressure detector, Bicycle, DIY Market, Drum, Lens, 3C devices and Golf Club. User friendly for CNC cutting tools of machining, lathing, turning, and milling parts.